How the Xbox consoles have evolved from the start

Will D., Editor

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The very first Xbox was made on November 22 2013. That was 12 years after Xbox was introduced. The first Xbox was one of the very great consoles. More than 24 million units sold as of in May 2006. The consoles are the Xbox 360, Xbox 360 core, Xbox 360 pro, Xbox 360 elite. These consoles eventually continued into the Xbox 360 S. Now the Xbox 1, Xbox 1 elite, Xbox 1 S, and the Xbox 1 X. The Xbox 360 consoles were all made before the Xbox 1 consoles were made. The time period of making the Xbox 360 consoles were 2005-2015. The Xbox 1 and the Xbox 1 x, they are still being made. The Xbox one x has a whopping 1 terabyte of storage and a surprising output of 6 teraflops.

The Xbox 1 consoles are the most recent consoles that have been made by the Xbox company. The Xbox company has a good future in head of them. The Xbox consoles are very fun to learn about. The latest Xbox console is the Xbox 1 X. The Xbox 1 X is the only Xbox console that supports 4k.

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