Dean Ambrose Returns

AJ k., Sports Reporter

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Dean Ambrose is a professional wrestler. He wrestles for World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE. He also has won the Grand Slam Champion which includes: U.S., WWE, IC, {Raw, World and Smackdown} Tag titles. He became a part of WWE in 2012 when the Shield was born. It was at a large PPV called “Survivor Series”.

Dean was accidentally hurt on his shoulder. He fell off of a Ladder at 25 feet in the air. He was told he wasn’t allowed to wrestle for 9 months. So, when August 19, 2018 came he was in Seth Rollins’s corner.

Dean made a huge impact to the universe on October 1, 2018 by saying “Maybe I don’t need The Shield anymore. I could start up the solo career again.” That was surprising, because they expected him to stay on RAW. But, maybe he’ll go back to Smackdown. He has a new attitude. He was serious unlike his old funny self.


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