Fantastic fifth graders go on an amazing Awesome field trip

Gavin K and Sophia M, Entertainment

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The end of the 2017-2018 school year is rapidly approaching and Woodbury Heights Elementary School (WHES) students have been experiencing several field trips recently. The trips have been fun-filled and educational, as any good field trip should be. Students have ventured to the Adventure Aquarium, the Philadelphia Zoo, Legoland Discovery Center, and nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

WHES first and second graders went to the Adventure Aquarium and Philadelphia Zoo, respectively. In a welcomed change of pace, this year, the fifth grade class was to The Legoland , Discovery Center in Plymouth Mall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Meanwhile, the sixth grade class ventured to Washington D.C. and toured the National Mall and Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.  

The students all seem to have had enjoyable times on their field trips. Many have explained that the trips were worthwhile learning experiences and tons of fun. First graders Paulie and Vinnie M. explained that they enjoyed touching stingrays and seeing dolphins. Meanwhile, Second grade students, learned about the Panamanian Golden Frog that they had raised money and awareness for during the Philadelphia Zoo’s ‘Unless’ Project.

The Fifth graders had a great time at Legoland, where they had the opportunity to play in a Ninjago laser-beam course, a Pirate ship playground, and a representation of Philadelphia skyline. This Philadelphia skyline included an interactive experience. There were interactive parts including boathouse row, where students could steer a boat racing down the Schuylkill River. Another featured a jackhammer working in the city and another, a representation of Rocky Balboa running the steps of the Art Museum. There was even a band that would play different instruments depending on the button pushed.

The students were able to have a variety of different experiences at the Legoland Discovery Center. The Lego Pirate obstacle course had height restrictions which kept some students from enjoying it, while the Ninjago laser beam course had four difficulty levels which provided different experiences for the participants. Some people couldn’t go on because they were too tall. The goal of the course was to get to the end without touching any lasers. If someone touched a laser, the beam would disappear and the screen outside of the course would count one point.

Another unique experience was the group who had the opportunity got to see a 4D movie about lego Ninjago. They wore 4D glasses and felt the wind and snow blowing against them as well as The m rain. . movie was a short 15 minutes long but, most said it was worth it!

Two days later, on May 24th, another fantastic field trip would take place, this time with the WHES class of 2018, as the 6th graders ventured to Washington D.C. While in Washington D.C., the students visited several monuments and memorials, also having the opportunity to tour the National Mall and a Smithsonian Institute. Tristan F., a sixth grader, explained that he learned about veterans and their sacrifices while touring the memorials, specifically, the World War II memorial. Other students explained that they enjoyed seeing the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial. It seems that the trip made a lasting impact on many of the Sixth grade students.

These field trips were great experiences for the many student participants. Hopefully these traditions will continue so that other generations will get to experience them as well.

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