What Bacon Does To Your Dog

Sophia F. and Addi P.

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Once a dog smells bacon It won’t get that out of its mind

Once it eats  it’s energized

Then it runs 7 miles around the yard

And chases you throughout the house to beg for more

If it doesn’t receive it, it’ll throw a fit

It doesn’t matter if you give a whole pound, or just a little bit

When bacon comes in sight

It will do anything to fight

For the crispy texture that it finds

The tasty, savory flavor is hard to compare

And if its not in it’s paws than you should beware

It will give you the stare

      Grab a pillow as a shield

   Its true desperation will reveal

Tell your pet to heal

And you will show how it feels

Make sure it seems fair

   Or else it gives you the irresistible puppy eye glare

So you’ll pet its fur

And hear a small cry

    For bacon

        Because it can’t get it out of it’s mind

And all will be fine

  With drizzly bacon in its sight

And in its snout to cool the drought

From drooling at the lovely smell

All dogs beg and plead when bacon is seen



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