The history of Memes!

By Brandon .k and Gavin .k


  Haven’t we all seen memes like “Pepe the Frog” or “Here Come dat Boi”? Memes have become an incredibly popular item on social media; however, most people don’t understand their history. The memes of today owe it all to the original memes that date as far back as 1921. A cartoon in 1921 is the first meme EVER! After this, people loved memes and made more to post on the internet.  If you heard of the LeBron James meme, The 21 meme, and my favorite the Burger King foot Lettuce meme these memes are the most famous today because people  re-posted these memes plenty of times to be seen on the internet.


Now we shall talk about the memes on the internet today like SOMEBODY TOUCHA MY SPAGHETT this meme was from a Goldilocks remake and there was three wolves and when they came home they found that somebody touch the big wolves Spaghetti and said “ somebody touched my spaghetti.” and then people changed it to Somebody touch my spaghetti and Somebody toucha my SPag and therefore the meme had came to life.


These memes shaped the internet into what it is today. There is even now a Microsoft Academy for memes . Memes are pretty entertaining. Memes make the internet what it is today that is why people like them so much!