Seven Super Sleepover Suggestions

Taylor O., Entertainment reporter

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                                                       Seven Super Sleepover Suggestions    

Tonight is the night. It’s the big day- the day you’ve been waiting for all week, or maybe all Summer. It is your birthday or a night on a weekend and you wants to invite your friends over. Somebody wants to have a sleepover, but what will people do? The following is a list of options to turn a long night into a great sleepover.  


  1. Have an ice cream bar or a pancake bar (so guests can make their own pancakes and ice cream anyway they want)


  1. Have a fun giant Twister game (to do some stretching)


  1. Make some bracelets for you and someone’s friends (it can be used as a reminder for your friends to know that you and your friends are your friends for life)


  1. Have a little arts and crafts project like pillowcases, sleep mask,tye dye a shirt and more (so people can use them at someone’s sleepover)


  1. Have a movie to watch and eat popcorn (to have a little entertainment and a tiny snack to enjoy the movie)


  1. Even have a pillow fight (to get some of that energy out of your system)


  1. Play a fun game like Truth or Dare and Fortune Teller (to have a little good time with your friend’s)


These are just some of the options for people to have the best sleepover with friends. The best part of any sleepover is time with friends, so be sure to do one of these or any one you choose so you can have a sleepover. People sometimes spend time with different friends, but this is a way to bring many friends together in one place. Have a amazing and astounding sleepover!

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