Perfect Pomeranians


Getty Images/iStockphoto

One month old puppy of german spitz standing

Addi P. and Sophia F.

Though they be little, they be fierce! There isn’t one breed to stand up to the Pomeranian! These dogs are very popular. So many celebrities have Pomeranians, including Hilary Duff and Gwen Stefani! There are even some celebrity Pomeranians!


Pomeranians have been around since the 16th century, and have been extremely popular since then. They started out as sled dogs, but have become a popular household dog breed. They originally come from Poland and Germany. It’s a breed of the Spitz type, and is named after the Pomerania region in Germany.


Pomeranians are intelligent, active, and friendly. These dogs are obedient, “they’re great with children, due to their active nature”. They’re  good alert and alarm dogs. Occasionally, Pomeranians tackle large dogs or verbally threaten them thinking they’re alpha male! But children need to be cautious not to get too close because Poms like to attack.


Pomeranians can have tan, white, gold, or light brown fur. These dogs can grow up to be about 8 in, and 4-7 lbs. Even though they are tiny, they need a lot of exercise just like a big dog. Pomeranians have a lifespan of 12-16 years. There are multiple types of Pomeranians such as: The Fox face, Baby-doll face, and Teacup.

Pomeranians have it all! Even though they have a mind of their own, they’re still the most perfect puppies! Their ranking is 22 out of 190! It’s hard to believe that Pomeranians are still famous, since they were recognized in the 16th century. But they are still popular today, and we hope they always will be!