Selena Gomez’s Battle Against Lupus

Sophia F. and Addi P.

The extremely popular actress/singer, Selena Gomez, was almost taken off the face of this Earth last Summer, due to her deadly disease called Lupus. There were so many crazy events that happened, it’s hard to even keep track. Most importantly, she didn’t let Lupus stop her!

Lupus is a cureless disease that affects the joints, blood, skin, and kidneys, this disease can be deadly. People who have this disease can have it for up to 40 years! Lupus caused many traumatic effects in Selena’s life that will last forever. The doctor said there was a possibility that she could never sing again!

Selena figured out she had this disease because she was throwing up uncontrollably. She was incredibly weak. It was hard for her to open the cap to a water bottle, and couldn’t even swallow the water! She’s had Lupus since 2015, but didn’t receive treatment until 2017. Selena says that the main side effect after having Lupus, is having a lot of anxiety, depression, and stress.

Selena’s kidneys were inflamed, which means that her kidneys can’t remove toxins from her body. She needed a kidney transplant. Her best friend, Francia Raisa saved her life by donating one of her kidneys to Selena. Francia said “I was worried about my own health while doing this, but I love Selena too much.”

Imagine if Selena died! Many fans and relatives would be so upset  and couldn’t live without her! Fans were devastated that she caught Lupus, but she healed and is making so many more catchy albums, proving to the world that no disease can stop her from doing what she loves!