Terrific Kids

Emily A, News

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Every year at Woodbury Heights Elementary School their are terrific kids in each class. Each month their is a new chosen terrific kid. Terrific kid starts in 1st-6th grade. At the end of the month the principal will announce all of the chosen terrific kids.

The next morning when the terrific kids arrive at school they will be sent to the library after the announcements. Once they are at the library, the teachers will hand them an envelope. The envelope has a certificate and a bumper sticker in it. The certificate has your name on it and it tells what grade you are in.

If you want to be a terrific kid at Woodbury Heights Elementary School. You have to display positive traits about yourself. When a teacher sees you do something nice, they will hand you a terrific t. You will put the t in a box, you might get picked from the box. If you get picked, your the terrific kid for that month.

To be terrific kid you need to have positive traits about yourself such as being enthusiastic, respectful, trustworthy, caring, responsible, kind, friendly, cooperative, persistent, and being TERRIFIC!

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