Carnival Mania: A Big Price to Pay

Emily A, News

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The St. Margarets Carnival with Skelly’s entertainment recently passed through Woodbury Heights and it left Woodbury Heights Elementary School students with empty wallets. This year from May 21st through May 26th. Woodbury Heights was alive with the sounds of the annual St. Margarets Carnival, but at what cost?

Prices for the carnival rides were quite expensive. This years, as with years past, the mega passes were $40. In recent years the mega passes have been $40 for the pre-carnival sale, while they cost $45 when purchased at the carnival.

This can be a great expense for people who have large families. Regular tickets cost $1 per ticket,  but the minimum amount of tickets to get on a were three, while the maximum was five. In order to go on several rides you’d need a lot of tickets, which forces carnival guests into an expensive mega-pass

Mega passes may seem like a better option, but their so expensive because they last all week.

For people with a mega pass, rides require no tickets and they could go on rides every night. Tickets are only allowed to be used on certain rides also.

Mega-passes were available pre-carnival at the St. Margaret’s rectory While tickets may be an option, the mega pass may have been the best option for the carnival goers who are planning to spend more than one night at the carnival.

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