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Woodbury Heights Elementary School (WHES) is nearing the finish line for their 2017-2018 school year and the students are showing excitement for the upcoming summer. With PARCC and MAP testing out of the way, they’ve only one more obstacle standing before them, guarding the pathway to their freedom and the beautiful rays of sunshine and summer: FINAL REPORT CARDS.


WHES will be distributing report cards on June 22nd, the last day of the school year. With official testing out of the way, student’s last hurdle en route to Summer vacation is the final report card. After report cards are issued, students will make their ways to the freedom of summer fun, playing with friends and swimming in pools. Some may even relieve the stresses of the school year on a vacation somewhere in the world.


Each student at WHES will receive a paper copy of their final report cards with their grades on them. The report cards will show their final grades for all three sessions or marking periods. Report cards are the school’s communication to parents/ guardians on the hard work and efforts that their children have given all year. Report cards for older students receive marks of A through F for subject areas. Students do not receive A’s through F’s for everything. Special areas such as Music, Art, STEAM, Computers, and Gym, are graded using three categories: Outstanding,Needs Improvement, and Satisfactory. A O is outstanding,a S is Satisfactory, and a N is Needs improvement. A grade of A, B, C, or D results in a passing grade, while an F represents a failing grade. The alphabetical grading system can be broken down into number grades which can be seen below:


A 100-93                                                          O- Outstanding

B 92-85                                                            S- Satisfactory

C 84-77                                                            N- Needs Improvement

D 76-70

F 69-0  

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