last day of school: Why is it so extreme

Will d, news

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The end of Woodbury Heights Elementary School’s (WHES) 2017-2018 school year is rapidly approaching. Excitement is racing through the halls full of students. When it is the last day of school you will the noise of racing kids trying to leave the school for the summer.. This school year is set to end on Friday, June 22nd. Originally, WHES was scheduled to end the year on Wednesday, June 20th, but that date was moved because there were three  snow days that were added. In addition to the three snow days, there were a few days with delayed openings which did not need to be rescheduled. On delayed opening school days, the day begins at 10 o’clock in the morning.


Mostly everybody’s parents will rush to get their children. Some people will invite other friends/fellow classmates to an end of the year party. The summer, after all, is a time when students are free and friendships can be forged.  There are many ways people can enjoy the Summer, but the students of WHES will undoubtedly find one to make great experiences out of. They’ll certainly going to be excited on that final day.

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