World Wrestling Entertainment

AJ K, Sports Reporter

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WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. This is not real wrestling such as scholastic wrestling, but an entertainment form of wrestling. That is why it uses the “entertainment” as part of its name. WWE was formed in 1979 as the WWF, World Wrestling Federation. This is one of the longest reigning sports of all time history. It’s in the top 15 longest reigning sports.   WWE has had 6 logos including the current logo. WWE can be seen on television on Monday nights with Monday Night Raw and Smackdown on Tuesday nights.

In addition to their television entertainment, they have made twenty video games with video game developer 2K Sports. That makes the top 10 in making sports video games. They are very fun to play for families and WWE fans alike.

WWE has many professional wrestlers in their cast. One of them is Finn Balor, whose real name is Fergal Devitt. Finn also features his “Demon mode”. In “Demon mode”, Finn wears a face paint job. His signature is called 1916. His finisher is a big damager called ‘’bloody Sunday and daily ddt’’ while in this strange demon mode. He is one of the raw superstars and was born and raised in Ireland. He is 38 years old and was born on July 25,1981. He recently won the mixed match challenge with Sasha Banks, another WWE Superstar. They defeated Shinsuke Nakamura and Natalya. Finn has competed in 977 matches. That includes 65 Pay-per-view (PPV) performances. He started in his home country of Ireland. His matches in Ireland are not counted in his total matches competed in count. In order to compete and use his awesome high risk skills from the top rope, he had to overcome his fear of heights at the top ropes of each ring. There are over twenty action figures available of Finn Balor, who makes $9-$15 million a year.

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