Giants in the sky  

Haley, News



On March 16th at 7:00 p.m. and March 17th at 11:30 a.m. & 2:30 p.m. the Woodbury Heights Elementary School performed a play called “Giants In The Sky”. The leads were Heeshee, Burt, Finn, and Yorg and the play followed two young giants from a band of giants that live on the clouds that climb down a beanstalk because one was so curious about Earth and ends up in our world.

The play featured over forty WHES students in the cast and crew with many parents and teachers helping to make it a great production. Some of the actors and actresses explained that they were nervous before the play, but it turned out wonderful. Skyla L., a fifth grader, explained that she was very excited about the play and joined because of how much she enjoyed watching last year’s production of “We Are Monsters”.


This performance was a smash success with the first two shows being completely sold out and needing additional seats to be placed for the crowd of family and friends who came to the show. Some people’s favorite parts of the play where Finn, Sven, Sye, and the Hooligans.


(student), L: Sven (gammer), and M: Sye (elder).  Q: If you were in the play last year which one do you like better, if you weren’t in the play last year why did you join this year? Sky: No  but I joined because it looked cool. L: I like them both equally. S: I thought they were cool and she tried it out. Sky: No but I tried it out because it looked cool. Q: Are you excited or nervous for the play? Sky: nervous S: both L: excited M: excited. Q: what do you like about a play? Sky: The song Down there and the line, “But you just did that…” S: The story L: rehearsals M: lines.

By: Haley R.