Tavien B, sports

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A huskie is a dog that is in the family as a wolf. They love to run play fach and love to be pet. They are a very energetic dog. Their life spanned is 12 to 15 years. Huskies can be difficult to train out when your done training them they are a very fun dog to have. When you get your huskies for the first time these are the things you need dog food, lots of dog toys because they love playing with toys, get to best dog bed that you can find because when they are done being crazy the love to sleep and get more energy, you also need water bowl and food bowl for dogs. Also when you get your husky you should be ready to have a dog that haves a lot of energy and very playful. A Siberian wolf also now as a huskie is  the only wolf that is very friendly to humans and that loves to play.