Dot’s Homemade Ice Cream Shop Opening!

Dot's Homemade Ice Cream Shop Opening!

Nick T. and Skyla L., News

Dot’s Homemade Ice Cream Shop opened on February 26th, 2018. On the day it opened, hundreds gathered and waited in the long line to enjoy this delicious frosty treat. They came from school and homes, walking or driving to get a taste of this new frozen dairy treat.

There were many satisfied customers that day, but, with anything, there are always going to be detractors. A customer says they messed up her order. She says she ordered salted caramel ice cream, and they gave her vanilla ice cream with salt on it. The satisfied customers got the correct order and liked the taste if the ice cream.

The menu has a variety of menu options-homemade ice cream, soft serve, certain ice combinations they made, and a lot of toppings. A range from M&s to pretzels. What makes Dot’s even better is that there is an ice cream place that is within seconds of our school and even some homes!