Teacher of the Year!


Joey A. and Khaleiff L.

Edited by Mrs. DiBlasio and Miss Van Zandt                                                                                                                                                 

                 Miss Harkins is the 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year! She has been teaching full time for five and a half years, all of which she has been at Woodbury Heights. Before Miss Harkins taught ELA, Social Studies, and Journalism, she taught all subjects in fourth grade in Cherry Hill for four months. She also taught four months at Medford Memorial Middle School. Miss Harkins has a few hobbies. She loves to spend time outside in the warm months. She also likes to go to the beach or lie on her hammock, and she likes to read, and spend time with people. She loves to laugh often and drink a lot of coffee!

                      Miss Harkins loves watching her students growing as people! She loves seeing them become independent thinkers and gain confidence. Miss Harkins enjoys teaching Social Studies the best. She says, “Social Studies includes a lot from language arts too, so it’s like teaching both classes at once.”  This might surprise some people, but American history literally, happened in our backyards. There was a war in National Park, NJ at Red Bank Battlefield. That is only about 4 miles away! Red Bank is across the river from Philadelphia (it is the birthplace of our nation). It is so much fun to think that we can walk on the same place as our founding fathers. Congratulations to Miss Harkins for Teacher of the Year!