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Where am I? What am I doing here? I scratch and scratch and dig, but there is no way out of this small box! Then I noticed little tiny holes at the end of the box. I run over and look out. Brown, brown, and more brown is all I see. Something is coming………but what ?

Chapter 1

I would tell you my name but I don’t have one. Just call me Hamster. I think my name is Hamster because everyone calls me that. Every time someone walks by, they call me Hamster. I am a hamster, a short haired Syrian hamster to be exact.

I live at PetSmart. I have only been here for two weeks. There are two other hamsters here with me. They both have names. I don’t know why I don’t. I guess I’m just a little bit different. One is named Angel and the other Honey. Angel is light tan and Honey is a sort of light and sort of dark brown. I am plain, dull brown with white spots.

Finally, the store is open. Now I can go to sleep. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that hamsters are nocturnal. Now let me get comfortable.

“Someone is coming!”Angel says. Angel and Honey run to the glass. They are very excited about being picked. They hate being in the small cage. Me, on the other hand, I think i’ts kind of nice here.

“Pick me! Pick me!”

“No, no! Pick me.”

A little girl with long brown hair in pigtails comes over and looks at us.  She is wearing a bright green dress with a pink bow tie. There is a pink bow in her hair. She points at Angel, then Honey….then me. Wait she picked ME!!!

I see her talking to her mom and then her mom walks away. One minute later an employee comes over and opens the box. He grabs me with his rubber gloves and puts me in a smaller box. There are also little holes in the box. I feel a lot of  movement and then I hear something open. I hear something open again. 15 minutes later I hear the door open and shut behind me. I start to panic.

Chapter 2

Where am I?

What am I doing here?

I scratch and scratch and dig and dig … but there is no way out of this small box. Then, I look through tiny holes at the end of the box. I run over and look out. Brown, brown, and brown is all I see.

Something is coming………but what?

The top of the box opens slowly. There she is, the girl I saw at the store. The box tips over and I crawl into a cage. 

It is clear, so I can see right through it. It is a cage with bars. The bedding is soft. My food bowl and water container are there too. I can’t believe I got picked. I never thought that I would be picked. The first thing I’m going to do is take a nap because I’m tired.

Dang! Crash! Bang!

What was that?

Oh no! No, no, no, no. A CAT!!!! In front of the cage a big black cat stands there and stares right at me.



“I need your help little mouse,” says the cat as he looks at me.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I’m Jasper. I need you to help me with something.”


“Well a couple days ago, my sister, Mystuque, went missing. She can’t see out of either of her eyes so I’m guessing she wandered off and got caught by someone who works for the pound. I need your help to get her out. Oh, and if you say no, I will eat you.”

“How am I supposed help? I’m as small as…..a hamster.”

“That’s a good thing.” He stopped talking and I gave him a confused look. “You can fit under the door and grab the keys with your tiny little paws. Then, you give me the key. I try to open the door. When the door is open we both go in. There will probably be a security guard so I will distract him while you grab the other key and open her cage. If I get caught you will have to find another key by yourself and try to get me out. But first I want you to make sure my sister is okay. So are you in?”

“Let’s do it!”

Chapter 3

The girl turns out the light and within minutes falls asleep.

“Jasper…….Jasper!” I whispered across the room hoping for him to show up. “Over here.” He whispers back. He jumps up, pushes the leather thing down, and opens my cage. “Get on my back,” he says.  I carefully climb up  his tail and onto his back. “Hold on tight,” he told me.

“Finally, we are here,” I said while sliding down Jasper’s tail. “Sorry it took so long,” he said while panting. “I’m not built for speed.”

We started to sneak to the back door. “You know the plan,” he says. I slide under the door and look around. There is a security guard looking at the cameras and behind him, a hook with a key on it. “How am I supposed to get up there?” I thought to myself. I ran to the desk and started to climb up. It was not easy. I grabbed the key and jumped off.

The security guard was about to turn around, but he saw the cat. “How did you get out?”  he shouted as he grabbed his net and chased after Jasper. I run to the room with the cats in it. All the cats start hissing at me. “Mystuque……….Mystuque.” I kept whispering her name. “I’m over here,” she replies. I walk over and see her.


Jasper never mentioned she was a kitten, but she’s so cute! “Hi! I’m Cookie. Your brother, Jasper, sent me to break you out.”

“I….I don’t know if I can trust you. What are you?” she asked. She seems pretty scared. I’m going to have to be very nice. “I am a hamster,” I said in a quiet and reassuring voice. “Oh.” “We don’t have much time. You’re going to have to listen to my voice and follow it.” “Ok.”


I kept making little squeaking noises and she kept following them. I lead her to the back door. Just then, I saw the security guard carrying Jasper in a net. I ran up the man’s pants and he dropped the net. Jasper ran to Mystuque and they ran in the opposite direction. I  jumped out of the security guard sleeve and then I followed them. We ran all the way back to the house. “Thank you so much for helping me find my sister and for saving me!” he said as he and Mystuque  hugged each other.

From that day on, Jasper, Mystuque, and I hung out almost every night. Now I’m starting to understand why Honey and Angel wanted a home. It’s love that makes a home feel like home!


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4 Responses to “Cookie!”

  1. SheaTheGreatSmith on January 30th, 2018 9:18 am

    This story was very fun to read!


  2. isabella sloss on January 30th, 2018 9:25 am

    very good article about the cookie animal andhow the cat was asking him for help. It was a cute article becuase they way you made the animals talk. That is a very a very cute story because they animals were learning teamwork and the cat asked the hamster for help to find her sister.


  3. Nick on January 30th, 2018 10:52 am

    I like this story. I like because I love animals, and it shows teamwork.


  4. Mackenzie on March 7th, 2018 1:09 pm

    It was fantastic! Great job girl! I knew it was your because you named it after your hamster 😂👍🏽. Keep it up!


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