Reading to the Second Graders


Getty Images/Vetta

Group of kids reading books in the field.

Hashim H, news reporter

  On December 8th and December 15, students from Mrs. DiBlasio and Mrs. Cera’s class read to the second graders.

    Tavien and Skyla are two of the kids that took part in this event. They did a great job. The second graders did a great job listening, had good ideas, and asked smart questions.

    Tavien and Skyla read two different stories. Sometimes, the second graders come up with ideas to fix problems. For example, when a chicken was being selfish, the second graders thought of ways for the chicken to not be selfish any longer.

    Some of the stories had to do with being kind and fair to others. Other stories had to do with being responsible. But the best books were Christmas books, because Christmas books are about being generous, and being kind to others, especially during the holidays. The reading was great, and the second graders loved that the big kids read to them.