Fire and Safety Drills at Woodbury Heights

Rosa S.

Have you ever stopped to think what our world would be like if we didn’t have fire and lock down drills? Believe it or not, the drills that are performed are made to protect students and teachers from what could happen in case of emergency. We have many kinds of drills, such as fire drills, lock down drills: high alert, lock down drills: low alert, bombing drills, and bus safety drills. We practice these drills once a month, except for the bus drills, which are preformed once a year. Without these drills, we would have no way of preparing for situations such as natural disasters,  robberies, and break-ins.

For one, kids wouldn’t know what to do in case of an emergency like a robbery or break-in. In case of a natural disaster, people will not know what to do and they will start to panic and most likely get hurt. Teachers are held responsible for all children who enter and leave the school. The teachers would lose their jobs and the school would go bankrupt because the school couldn’t afford to get new teachers to replace the old ones. Say a fire broke out in the school, the kids wouldn’t know where to go, they would start running around chaotically, and the teachers would have no way to keep track of them since there is no system. Also, in case of a robbery the students and teachers would have no line of defense.. The children wouldn’t know what to do and if a adult or child went out in the emergency, they may get hurt.

Since nobody knows about the school’s drills more than our own principal, Mrs. Gansert, some questions had to be  answered:

Q: Why do you think it’s important to have drills?

A: We run drills for the safety and security of our students and staff.

Q: Does it cost any money to have drills?

A: Initially, you have the cost of installing an alarm system and also the door locks, walkie-talkies, etc.

Q: How long has this school been having fire drills?

A: We would have to do research about the history of fire drills in New Jersey. I’m sure that this school has been doing fire drills since the state mandated the practice.

Q: If it was up to you, what drills would you add or take away?

A: I would not stop practicing any of the drills. I think that each one that we practice is important toward maintaining our safety and security!

Since we do have modern technology and drills to protect us in case of emergencies, we are safe. Although in Woodbury Heights, we don’t have tornado or earthquake drills, we are well-protected against many of the forces of Earth or humanity.