Electronics Over Fresh Air

Caitlin J., Photographer

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People have been choosing electronics over playing outside. There is really only one reason for a phone and that is to contact people when you need to. People spend a lot of time on social media and it has become unhealthy the way that people do this. Here are some facts that will surprise you about electronics.


1:Americans devote more than 10 hours of their day to electronics.


2:The average person checks their phone 150 times a day.


3:The average person only spends one or two hours outside on a summer day.


4:The average person make 65 calls a day.


5:Texting is the most used app in the world.


6: 96% of smartphone users use the texting app.


7: 35% of smartphone users launch apps like Facebook before even getting out of bed.


Did those facts surprise you? Now here are some facts about the great outdoors.


1:Going outside is the best way to get Vitamin D.


2:The outdoors can make you happier.


3:Time outdoors helps you think clearly.

4:It can improve your mental health.


5:The outdoors can improve your eyesight.

6:It can relieve stress.


7:It could improve your self esteem.


Did any of those ones surprise you? Well, if they didn’t maybe you can surprise yourself by getting outside on a weekend instead of getting on electronics. Find something that you might enjoy outside and do it everyday. Maybe you like riding your bike or taking a walk. You could even try studying plants or bugs. Whatever you like to do, just get outside more and do it. It might change your point of view on electronics and make you decrease on the time you’re on them. Take the challenge of no electronics for a full weekend and go outside. Just get outside more! Going outside is a little thing that could change the world in a big way!

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Electronics Over Fresh Air