Football Season Summary

Chase R., Sports reporter

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Football is an american excitement, It has taken over most channels. From channel 12-17 you can also stream it with multiple app on your device. It is downed upon people if their team one. People tried comparing them to the team their playing and making a guess on who will win. But it sometimes doesn’t work out. So I did research off who did the best off of total of yards,completions,rushing yards,fantasy points, Touchdowns and Super Bowl wins and charted it. I took an educated guess on who will get to the playoffs and who won’t. Here are the results.

Most Fantasy points(fantasy football)-Tom Brady (person) Saints (team)

Teams getting to the playoffs-Bills and Patriots, Steelers and the Ravens, Jacksonville, and Texans, Chiefs and the Broncos, Eagles and Cowboys, Packers and Vikings, Saints and Falcons, Rams and Seattle.

Worst teams in the league right know-Browns,49ers,Giants(all are reaserch based to not get to the playoffs or even sur

Players possibly in the Super Bowl-Broncos, Chiefs, Steelers or Cowboys.

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Football Season Summary