Marvelous Michelle Tumolo

Chase R. and Brandon B.

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WHES secretary, Mrs. Tumolo has a daughter who has got a gold medal in lacrosse. Michelle Tumolo was born in 1991 in NJ. She is 26 at the time and played soccer and basketball. But she mainly focused on lacrosse. She started playing in high school and played for Syracuse. Then eventually made her way up to the world cup and there were at least 6,000 people.

She was awarded best play award when she had a behind the back shot. She competed in to two national championships. There were 13 teams and she got Best Attacker of the Year, and All American. She got interviewed and was on national television.

The name “Marvelous Michelle Tumolo really comes to hand with the performance the she had.It is amazing to have a super star in our town. A new year comes along ready for more excitement and talent.

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Marvelous Michelle Tumolo