AGT Winner

Emmy C., Editor

Did you watch “America’s Got Talent” this summer? Well spoiler alert, Darci Lynne Farmer won! She is a ventriloquist singer. That means she can talk and sing with her mouth closed! She is only 12 years old, and lives in Oklahoma City. At her first performance in front of the judges: Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, Mel-B, and Howie Mandel, she got Mel-B’s golden buzzer. She uses puppets and moves their mouths so it looks like her puppets are talking. You really can’t tell because she is talking with her mouth closed. And she doesn’t just talk, she sings!

During her first performance, Heidi Klum said: “Most people can’t even sing with their mouth open, and you can sing so beautifully with your mouth shut!” That shows how hard it is to sing with your mouth closed.  Darci now gets 1 million dollars and her own headlined show in Las Vegas! Darci will be performing in Las Vegas from November 2nd-5th. For her first performance for “America’s Got Talent” she used a bunny puppet named Petunia the diva, and for her second performance she used a puppet named Oscar the shy one, for her third performance she used a puppet named Edna the grumpy grandma. And for her last performance on “America’s got Talent” she used both Petunia and Oscar.  Would you want to go see Darci? Did you vote for Darci?