Life hack: Band aid®

Enza M. and Genna E.


Have you ever had a Band Aid®  that kept falling off? With this simple life hack that everyone is able to do, you will only have to use one Band Aid® and a pair of scissors. It will last you a lot longer than a normal Band Aid®.  The first step is to simply slit each side.

Your next step is to peel the paper off of the Band Aid®. Now here comes the part that you have to pay attention to. Take one of the sides that are cut and wrap it on your finger.

After that, wrap the other piece so it looks like an X.

Your final step is to do the same thing to the other side

If you followed all of the correct steps, it should look like the picture above. This hack is great and very simple. If you do not understand a step, write in the comments what you are confused about.