Safeties at WHES

Trey B., School reporter

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Safeties at WHES honor their role by keeping the school safe and being great role models. Safeties have the responsibility of helping kids no matter what grade they are in. They have assigned posts during recess and lunch. If a safety is not showing good behavior they will get a strike. Safety’s watch the kids just in case any of them do anything wrong. We have interviewed the younger grades and here are our results from grades K-3rd:


Question:Do you like having safeties at WHES?

Answer: Yes=79 No=0


Q:Do you think that there is something that safeties need to do a better job on?

Answer Yes=20 No=59

The safeties could do a better job on giving kids warnings because some haven’t given warnings to any kids at all to the kids who need warnings.

Q: Do you want to be a safety when you are in sixth grade

Answer Yes=62 No =13


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Safeties at WHES