Thanksgiving Fun

Jesse N., Fun Facts

  1. In 1953 the Swanson company ordered too many turkeys – by 26 tons! – they decided to slice them up and package them with some other food.  This was the first TV dinner!
  2.  Not if you’re a plumber. Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for plumbers.  Too many guests in the using the bathroom may lead to problems!  Guess plumbers aren’t going shopping that day! 
  3. Did you know four places in the United States have “turkey” in their name.  Louisiana has Turkey Creek; there’s also Turkey, Texas; Turkey, North Carolina; and Turkey Creek, Arizona.
  4. Only male turkeys (called “tom”s) gobble.  Female turkeys (called “hen”s) cackle. 
  5.  Thanksgiving is not just an American holiday. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October.  German’s have Erntedankfest on the first Sunday in December.  Labor Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on November, 23 in Japan.  Grenada, Liberia, and the Netherlands also haveThanksgiving celebrations.
  6. Did you know Ben Franklin wanted the national bird of the US to be the turkey, not the eagle!
  7. Every year the president picks a turkey that is safe from becoming a Thanksgiving meal.