Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week

Trey B. and Joey A


If you don’t know what Red Ribbons represent for our school then I’ll tell you. We are wearing Red Ribbons during the week of October 24th to show that we are a Drug-Free School. We don’t want a life with drugs.    

The activities that we are doing during the week are:

Monday: All students pin a Red Ribbon to their shirt that they will wear all week.

Tuesday: We sign a pledge card to promise to staDrug-Freeee.

Wednesday: Wear red to show that you are “Red” -y to say no to drugs.

Thursday: Wear bright colors to show we are too bright to do drugs.

Friday: “Orange you glad you’re drug free?” Friday we will wear orange to show how glad we are!

Every day in the morning announcements we are reminded to respect ourselves. For example, in the Monday announcements we are told to be drug free! On Tuesday we are told to be strong! Then on Wednesday we are told to be confident!