Secret Visitor?

Secret Visitor?

Lexi B, Editor

The 5th grade recently had a very special visitor. Mrs. Rattle is somebody who teaches Journalism to her very own college students. The reason she visited was to talk about Journalism and get us prepared for our own newspaper.

She started off by giving us some helpful hints along the way. The four tips she gave us (and I recommend you use them too!) are:

  1. Take great photos
  2. Start with good leads
  3. Break up long stories with subheads
  4. Write interesting headlines.

One of the best things about having Mrs. Rattle visit was that mostly everybody got to learn a little bit about her! School reporters Enza and Rosa along with myself, Lexi the editor, got to interview her. Did you know the playground that you see almost every day was in a newspaper? Thanks to Mrs. Rattle our school playground was newspaper famous! She wrote to a newspaper company and later got a reply saying that they liked her idea!

Time to learn about the history of why she became a Journalist teacher! When she was in high school, she loved doing the school yearbook. She liked designing the layouts and the text. Later, when she got to college she worked on the radio station. She says, “When I was in college I did the radio station because I wanted to feel comfortable communicating.” She found out Journalism was one of her true passions.

Now, Mrs. Rattle teaches college students. She teaches ages 18-45. First, she thought she could be on TV but she is happy with this job. She hopes she inspires other people with the work that she does because she says, “It is important to tell stories and make sure people are informed.”

Another important thing is that this was her first time being interviewed! The School Reporters and I enjoyed interviewing Mrs. Rattle.