Eggs On Ramps


Tabby B. and Annika G.

The 6th graders in Mrs. Gloeckner’s are doing a STEM project. Their assignment is to make a car to hold an egg, and roll it down a ramp. The students also have a budget of fake money. All of the items cost a different amount of money. This prevents them from buying too many things. “We thought adding a budget made an interesting twist,” said Bianca when we asked her about the project.  The students were excited about the assignment and thought that it was a lot of fun.  Alexa (Bianca’s partner in the project) felt confident about their project right from the start.  “We thought our creation was very secure,” said Alexa.  They used the information they had learned in class to help them build a successful ramp.  We interviewed two students, Alexa and Bianca.


Kids, don’t think teachers aren’t excited about classes, too.  Mrs. Gloeckner said she wished she could do this activity herself because “it looks like it would be really fun.”   Mrs. Gloekcner did say that she wishes the ramps were a little longer.   Maybe she can make that correction before the next STEM class begins.

The good news is: all of the eggs survived their ramps!

Would you like to make an egg ramp?