Henry Mercer

Henry Mercer

Henry Mercer was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania on June 24, 1856. He was an American archaeologist, artifact collector, tile-maker, scholar, and a designer of three distinctive poured concrete structures: a castle, museum, and a tile workshop.

Henry was never married and had no kids. He made his castle with hand-made concrete. The reason he did everything by hand, is because he wanted things done his own way. There were 10 people and a horse named Lucy who made the castle. Mercer also had a dog named Rollow.  As Henry poured the concrete inside his house, he let Rollow walk on them before it dried. He went to Harvard University (between 1875 and 1879) for an Arts Degree, and went on to study Law at University of Pennsylvania Law School (between 1880 and 1881).  However, Henry never practiced the Art of Law out of college. He traveled to Europe many times.  The first time he went there was in 1870.

Henry Mercer loved all of his tiles. The castle is a mixture of medieval and Gothic. He had arched ceilings with tiles built into it. Every room had hundreds of tiles, some tell stories of history. One of them is the story of Columbus. Others are Ancient Sumerian Cuneiform letters carved in tile. He also has American pottery and collections of artifacts, pottery and his own pottery.

The house eventually became a maze of 44 rooms, 18 fireplaces, and over 200 windows. Each room took 28 days to cure. Mercer had electricity, indoor plumbing, and an elevator. After he was finished in 1912, he celebrated his birthday by having a bonfire on his the roof and scared all the whole town and the firemen came to his house.

The Moravian tile workshop factory he started is still working the same way it was in 1914. People order custom tiles that go into there house. The get the clay to make the tiles from a nearby lake. In the gift shop the have at the factory prices for tiles range from $12-$590 smaller it is and less work are cheaper more work and bigger it is cost more.

Visiting the castle was an awesome tourist attraction! I recommend anyone looking for an interesting day to check out Henry Mercer’s castle!!