Gia G., Bellarose B., and Aryanna M.


Converse was founded by a man named Marquis Mills Converse. The company was founded in February of 1908. The company originally made the Chuck Taylor’s for basketball. Converse sneakers were also only high tops and they were the top athletic shoes.  Converse sneakers also had a famous appearance in a movie “Rocky”, when he ran in them.  Since they first came out many different styles have come out including low tops, custom, and many collections. Examples of recent collections are the “Pride Collection” and “Iridescent Collection”.

In 2016, Converse All Star released a collection called “The Pride Collection.” This collection contains different variations of 3 colorful Chuck Taylor Shoes. These shoes were inspired by the “LGBTQA” community  around the world, specifically toward Americans, since we legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. These shoes were created to represent and encourage diversity, equality, and uniqueness. The Converse come with rainbow soles, eyelets and license plates. These were meant to “rally the world to unleash their creativity and support universal tolerance and equality.” This collection launched this spring. This new collection also provides a “customized” option so that everyone has a chance to express themselves uniquely with different colors and patterns.

One of many collections released is called the “Iridescent Collection.” This collection came out in 2016. It is also still in the process of being released. So far only 6 shoes have been released and more are to come this summer. A few shirts have been released with this collection. So far the released shoes in the “Iridescent Collection” prices range from $75-$80. Expect more converse collections in upcoming years.