Oil spills


Oil Spills


The fifth grade did a  project about oil spills and we got some feedback about how the project went. There were five groups of three students. Their assignment was to buy items with fake money to save a rubber duck (representing wildlife) and clean the water and a feather (representing birds). They used vegetable oil to represent the oil from the oil spills.  We got to ask them how they felt about the project.  All the groups responded with “it was a challenge but it is still fun.” The groups used a toothbrush, soap, buckets, rags, dropper, cotton balls, string, and napkins. These tools were used in various different ways. They were creative and succeeded in cleaning of the wildlife and filtering the water. The teacher, Mrs.Sharrow let us interviewed her. She said “Mrs.Lore and I looked for a hands-on task to try to get kids to know how to clean up the environment. I think they did very well to problem solve. They learned about the impact that people have on the environment. They also learned that cleaning up isn’t easy and sometimes your first ideas don’t work”.  
The fifth grade learned a lot and had lots of fun with this project. Now they know what to do to take care of the environment!