Blast To The Past


Ryan H, and Bryn K

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Blast to the past

The 5th graders are learning about the civil war.

The American Civil war was a battle between the people who believed slaves should be free and the people who didn’t. The people who owned the slaves did not want to give them up. They fought to keep the slaves. Some families had to fight each other because some of them were free and some had owners. The Civil war happened from 1861 to 1865. At the time Abraham Lincoln was president. The North had more men and materials then the South. The North won the Civil war.

A man with many Civil war artifacts came to the school and showed some artifacts to the 5th graders, We intervened 5th graders Joey E., Mackenzie B.,Ryan M., and Alexia M.  About the artifacts and the civil war.

Joey E. thought that the guns were cool. He thought that the Civil war was better than the previous oil spill project.But, Mackenzie B. liked the oil spills better. Both of the people first interviewed say there for the union’s side but like the Confederate flag.

Ryan M. Reasoned when I asked him what is his favorite artifact he said the musket because he thought it was cool when they were teaching us how to load it. Alexa M. reasoned when asked here the same question she likes the $100 dollar bill and 10 dollar bill she likes that because the money is orange instead of green and just how old the money is.

In conclusion the 5th graders liked and enjoyed the Civil war.