Preparing for PARCC

Preparing for PARCC

The PARCC assessment is coming up in the month of April. The students will be taking Mathematics and Language Arts sections. Students have been taking practice tests on Math and Language Arts as they are preparing for this big week.

According to some students, this assessment is hard. To others, it is simple. The PARCC stands for Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. It is used to show how well they are developing in school and how well the teachers are teaching. It is aligned with Common Core Standards, which is what we learn a WHES everyday!

We talked with three students in the 6th grade class about how they felt regarding the test. Shianne D, Robbie B, and Len H said they felt that the PARCC was going to be simple and all three took the practice test before. Shianne D and Len H think the Language Arts portion is usually more difficult while Robbie B thinks the writing assignments are always hard.

When the students were asked if the practice tests and sample questions have made them feel more confident going into testing, they had different answers.  Shianne D felt that they helped. Robbie B said he felt that they helped a bit. Another question we asked the students is why they think the PARCC assessment is important. Shianne felt that it might help her to get better grades in high school. Robbie said it was probably to show our teachers what we know. Lastly, Len said that the PARCC was most likely important to get students into programs later in our life.

We asked if students preferred NJASK or the PARCC assessment.  All three of them preferred the NJASK in stead of the PARCC assessment. Most students feel that the PARCC is challenging to them.  PARCC is right around the corner and all of the students are working hard on preparing for the challenge ahead.  Teachers seem to be encouraging students in all their work.  Hopefully, each year we take PARCC, it becomes easier and easier!