Bethesda: Your Gaming Future… Today

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BETHESDA is a game company created in 1986 by Christopher Weaver,and Robert A. Altman. They have been making great games over the years and have been getting multiple awards for some of the great

Some Bethesda games are:
Fallout 4, a game made in November 2015, Skyrim, a game made in November 2011, Doom, a game made in December 1993, Dishonored, a game made in October 2012 Oblivion a game made in March 2006, Morrowind a game made in May 2002, etc.

Some of the most popular Bethesda games include:
Fallout 4, Elder scrolls V skyrim, Dishonored, Fallout 3, Fallout new Vegas, Wolfenstein the new order, and Rage and many more awesome games. One of the awards Bethesda won in 2015 is: Fallout 4 as the DICE Awards game of the year which is the equivalent to the Oscars in the gaming world.

In all Bethesda is an amazing game company with over 51 games since 1988. We hope you learned a lot about Bethesda we hope we see you playing a Bethesda game some time soon in the distant future.

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