Dance Your Heart Out!

Dance Your Heart Out!


        Dance is becoming a more and more popular sport among the age group of 6th graders.  On the 9th of March, we sat down to interview 3 dancers, Ashleigh E, Olivia M, and former dancer, Kaylee S. They told about their dancing experiences and a little bit about themselves.

        First reporter Courtney O interviewed dancer Ashleigh E. She started dance at just age 2 and was soon competing. “My mom put me in dance because I loved to move,” she said. Her favorite types of dance are tap and hip hop. She says “I like tap because it comes naturally to me and I like the sound it makes.”

Second reporter Mia M. interviewed former dancer Kaylee S. She started dance at the young age of 2. She decided to quit at the age of 10. She says her favorite class was Tap and least favorite was Ballet. We wanted to know why she decided to join. She says “I don’t really know, it gave me something to do.” One thing she did not like about it was that it was 3 hours long.

Third reporter Willow L interviewed dancer Olivia M. She says she does every type of dance! Olivia’s favorite types of dance are ballet, pointe, and Jazz. In Ballet, she is the lead. She just got her pointe shoes and Jazz has always been her favorite. She also told me that her favorite teachers are Mrs. Nicole T & Mr. Sean. She says that she started dance as a toddler and has been dancing for nine years. She added- “I’ve danced with the Radio City Rockettes.” She also said that during that particular performance, she did tap and jazz!

We’ve learned a lot about these dancers we think that dancing is such a cool sport. There is lots of history and art that goes along with dance.  There is so much different types and there is something for everyone to enjoy!


By Courtney O, Mia M, and Willow L.