2016-2017 Staff

Mackenzie E.


Mackenzie E is a student at WHES in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. Mackenzie is a photographer her job is to take pictures for the articles written by the Height’s Herald. She is also an illustrator, and her job is to draw pictures. H...

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Ella P.

News Reporter

Ella P. is the news reporter for Heights Herald. She reports about news that is going on around the World. Ella’s favorite subject in school is science. In her free time, Ella enjoys playing soccer, and playing with her dogs and s...

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Raynier E.


Raynier E. is a  Illustrator for Heights Herald. His job includes editing pictures, drawing and is a cartoonist. His favorite subject in school is music. In his free time he likes to play video games, draw and hang out with f...

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Ryan D

Sports Reporter

Ryan D is a Sports Reporter at the Heights Herald in Woodbury Heights Elementary School. His favorite activities are running and playing XBox. His favorite subject in school is gym. He likes comedy movies and he likes to list...

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Olivia W.

Entertainment Reporter

Here are some facts about Olivia W. Olivia's birthday is 11/28/05 and she is 11 years old. Her favorite color is teal and when she grows up she wants to be a dancer. Olivia's favorite movie is Swindle  and loves mac-n-cheese, in fact ...

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Tony T.


Tony is editor for the WHES newspaper. He likes to play baseball and Xbox. Some of his favorites are army colors, baseball, spicy wings, Blueberry Powerade, and Salt Water Taffies. His dislikes are soccer and potatoes. The...

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Mckenzie S.


Mckenzie is 10 and she was born on Aug.7,2006. She wants to be a pediatrician. Her favorite book series is Dork Diaries. She has one sibling. Some things she doesn’t like include broccoli and certain jackets. Things she does...

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Roman S.

News Reporter

Roman is a ten year old boy and he is in fifth grade. Roman has two older siblings named Sona and Kathlen. Roman was born on August 31st and his favorite food is spaghetti. If Roman could be his favorite character from his favorite...

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Sean S.


  Sean is 10 years old. His best friend is Conner. His middle name is Michael. He plays football for Clearview. Sean's favorite color is blue. His favorite movie is Home Alone. Sean's favorite book is Harry Potter. ...

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Chase R.

Fun Facts

Chase was born on November 11, 2005 - Veteran's Day. Chase's job is Fun Facts and he likes it because he likes to say random things. Chase has two brothers and their names are Gavin and Jakob. Gavin is eight and Jakob is thirteen...

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Madi M.

Entertainment Reporter

Madi has a lot of fun hobbies such as softball, basketball, and taking photos. Madi's birthday is January 30, 2006. Somethings Madi dislikes: are shrimp, rainy days, long chapter books, cats, pumpkin scent, and dark orange. Madi...

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Hayden M.

Sports Reporter

Hayden M is very interesting! His favorite sport is soccer. Hayden’s hobbies are riding scooters and bikes. Hayden's favorite color is black. If Hayden could buy one thing it would be a cute pug (AWW!!). Hayden doesn't have a ...

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Olivia L.

School Reporter

I  interviewed Olivia L. Her favorite book/series is Harry Potter. Some of Olivia's hobbies are figure skating, roller blading, and Girl Scouts. When she grows up, Olivia wants to be a professional figure skater. If she coul...

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Billy K.

Sports Reporter

Billy is the Sports Reporter for the WHES newspaper. He likes a lot of things that people may argue about. Football is his favorite sport. His favorite football team is the Philadelphia Eagles. Billy has no dislikes. He wants...

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Erin J.

School Reporter

Erin is the School Reporter for the WHES newspaper. Erin's favorite character is Eeyore! Her favorite color is blue because Eeyore is blue. Erin's favorite animal is a donkey because Eeyore is a donkey. She has 4 siblings, a twin...

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Gwen G.


Gwen is the illustrator for the WHES newspaper. She is ten years old. Her favorite movie is Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. If Gwen could be any character from a movie, it would be Remi from the movie Ratatouille ...

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William G.

News Reporter

William is in fifth grade, he is ten. William's birthday is May 17. He has two siblings, their names are Aleasha and Hailey. William's hobby is playing hockey. His favorite food is pancakes. His favorite color is blue. William's...

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Tristan F.


Tristan enjoys his job as an illustrator. His favorite sport is soccer. He has been playing since he was 3! On a daily basis, Tristan will spend his time doing his hobbies, such as playing on his Chromebook, or practicing soccer...

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Sydnee D.

School Reporter

Sydnee is the School Reporter for the WHES newspaper. Sydnee's favorite sport is softball. She likes softball because she loves the batting court of softball. Sydnee has tons of hobbies! They are softball, basketball, dance, and...

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Emmy C.

News Reporter

Emmy is 10 and was born in April 7, 2006. Her hobbies include reading. When she grows up she wants to be a clothes designer. She loves her family but hates spider. If she wanted to be a character in a movie or book she would be...

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Brandon B.

Fun Facts

Brandon B. was born on March 28, 2006. His favorite color is lime green. His favorite book series is Harry Potter because he loves to visualize everything. His favorite animal is a dog. Brandon's favorite sport is soccer. His...

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Amaya B.


Amaya is the editor of our newspaper. Her favorite sport to do is gymnastics. She has a younger sister who's name is Olivia and she is 6 years old. Amaya's birthday is July 29, 2006. Some of her hobbies are painting, drawing,...

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Caitlin J.


    Yellow is Caitlin's favorite color.  Her favorite food is spaghetti. Caitlin's favorite animal is a hermit crab. Her favorite activity is reading; she enjoys reading chapter books.  Also, Caitlin's favorite...

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Hashim H.


Hashim is an illustrator for our school newspaper. Here are some things about him! Hashim H. is in fifth grade. His favorite color is blue. He has a cat, a parrot, a turtle, and a dog. His favorite activity is riding bikes. Hashi...

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Rosa S.

School Reporter

Rosa is 10 years old. Her birthday is September 5, 2006. She enjoys eating veal parmesan. Her favorite book to read on her free time is The Candymakers by Wendy Mass. Hot pink and blue-ish green are her favorite colors, these colors ...

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Enza M.

School Reporter

  Enza is 10 years old. Her favorite holiday is Christmas. Her favorite symbol is a peace sign. Enza would like if Donald Trump would become president. Her favorite person in the world is her dear mom.  Her favorite food i...

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Genna E.


Genna’s favorite animals are dogs and monkeys. She is 10 and her favorite color is pink. Her favorite food is tacos and she thinks they are delicious! Genna’s favorite restaurant is Hibachi Grill. Her favorite book is The Candyma...

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Jasmin G.


  Jasmin has 4 pets: 3 cats and 1 dog. Her opinion on school is it’s okay but she doesn't like how there are so many hours of school then recess. Her favorite color is pink. Her birthday is November, 27th. She is 12 ye...

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Tabby B.

Entertainment Reporter

Tabby is the entertainment reporter for our school newspaper. Her favorite food is Cheez-itz. Tabby’s favorite subject is math because her sister has taught her several things for math and she enjoys it now. Her favorite ani...

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Annika G.

Entertainment Reporter

Annika G. is an Entertainment Reporter. She wanted to have fun and rate movies and write how-to’s about DIYs and other stuff that is entertaining. Her favorite age was four because she was an only child. Annika’s favorite book is Tu...

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Cody B.

News Reporter

Did you know Cody B. is a News Reporter? Cody loves street hockey. He spends his free time playing it at his house. Cody loves to play street hockey because his dad also loves it. His favorite color is blue. His favorite food is c...

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Joey A

News Reporter

Joey A. wants to be a News Reporter because he says “It’s really fun to write about what happens!” Joey used to have a dog, sadly now he does not. His old dog was a boy named Buster. Joey likes winter because he loves C...

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Jake C.

Sports Reporter

Jake is 10 years old. Jake's favorite color is green. His favorite sport is hockey. His favorite pet is a dog because it makes him happy. His favorite type of dog is a schnauzer. His favorite book is Star Wars the Return of the...

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Nick K.

Sports Reporter

Nick is 10 years old and his birthday is on February 6, 2006. He loves sports. His favorite soccer team is the Ireland Celtics. His favorite color is green. Nick’s eye color is also green. His favorite food is pizza. Nick’...

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Jesse N.

Fun Facts

Jesse is ten years old. His favorite number is 15. His favorite food is nachos. Jesse loves gym because it is his favorite subject. His favorite movie is Finding Dory. He really likes the book I Survived The Nazi Invasion. Jesse...

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Trey B.

Fun Facts

Trey B’s  favorite color is green. Trey has a pet and it is a dog. Trey is ten years old. Trey’s favorite sport team is the Seahawks. Trey’s favorite book series is Harry Potter. Trey’s favorite movie is Jurassic Wor...

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Conner C.


Conner is an Editor for our school newspaper and here are some things about him!  Conner is ten years old. His birthday is December 23, 2005. Conner says, “I love mashed potatoes and corn.” He likes to “hang” with fr...

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Lexi B


Lexi is an editor here are some things about her. Lexi’s favorite sports are basketball and dance. Lexi has one dog and her name is Ruby. Her birthday is on March 20th. She really likes to eat at Chili’s. Lexi is 10 yea...

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Mia E.

Local News Reporter

Mia E. is a Local News Reporter at Heights Herald. Her job is to write about news that is happening local to Woodbury Heights. Mia E’s favorite subject in school is Music. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music and ...

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Jack C

Sports Reporter

Jack C is a student at Woodbury Height Elementary School in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. He is also one of the Sports Reporters of the Heights Herald. His job is to write about important sports events. Jack’s favorite subje...

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Carolyn Y.


Carolyn Y. is an Illustrator at the Heights Herald. Her job is to draw and edit illustrations. Her favorite subject in school is Journalism. When she has free time, she likes to dance, act, and sing. Her favorite things to do ar...

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Finn B.

Local News Reporter/ Illustrator

Finn B. is a Local News Reporter at the Heights Herald at Woodbury Heights Elementary School in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. Finn's favorite subject is Social Studies. In his free time, he enjoys playing Lacrosse and playing vid...

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Richard B.

News Reporter

  Ricard B. is a student at Woodbury Heights Elementary School. He is a News Reporter that reports about big news that happens around the world and in the U.S. His favorite subject in school is S.T.E.M, which stands fo...

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Jeffrey C.

News Reporter

    Jeffrey C. is a News Reporter with the Heights Herald at Woodbury Heights Elementary School. As a News Reporter for the Heights Herald, Jeffrey writes stories and articles about real-world events. His favor...

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Kyleigh F

Entertainment Reporter

            Kyleigh F is an Entertainment Reporter at the Heights Herald. Her favorite subject in school is science. She enjoys listening to music and reading books.  She likes all kinds of music.  Her fa...

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Lexi P

Photographer/ Editor

Lexi P. is a photographer and editor at Heights Herald in Woodbury Heights, NJ. Lexi takes pictures of the events that happen in the school. Lexi helps to edit her peers' work and approve for publishing.  Lexi’s favorite su...

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Natalie T.

Local News Reporter

Natalie T. is a School and Local News Reporter. She reports about news that happens at Woodbury Heights Elementary School and around Woodbury Heights. Natalie’s favorite subject in school is Science. In her free time, she enj...

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