6th Grades Study of Amazing Artists

Tristan F. and Gwen G.

January 25

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Recently 6th grade has started an artist study in which they pull an artist out of a bucket and do a study based off that artist. Mrs. Martin said she was inspired by some other ideas to create this one, but then added her own...

Genius Hour

Genius Hour

January 18

Our LEAD Leader

Our LEAD Leader

November 13

Cool Coding and Radical Robots!

Catilin J. and Jasmin G.

November 7

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Recently, we interviewed two students who are currently having a cycle called Coding and Robotics. They had some interesting things to say about this new cycle. The two students that we interviewed were Amaya B. (answers marked...

Hockey Rinks in Gloucester

Cody B., News Reporter

October 27

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This is where I play hockey, Gloucester Township Hockey Association. Sometimes when it is snowing we go there and clean the rinks. That is why the rinks are so clean. That is why I play at the Gloucester Township hockey rinks....

Haunted Trail

Haunted Trail

October 26

Student Life